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glennA message from Glenn Darby, President, R.E. Darby Insurance:

Having and maintaining adequate insurance coverage is truly the only way to protect your family and your business from the unknowns that the future has in store.

We in South Jersey, particularly those of us on the barrier island communities, received a very harsh reminder of that in October 2012 when Hurricane Sandy paid us an unwanted visit.

We are now all vividly aware of what a major weather event can do to our lives, and how important it is to have someone that truly understands the intricacies of insurance working on our behalf. However, financial tragedies can have just as much of an impact on our families and the businesses we have put a lifetime of effort into building.

You have to ask yourself, “Am I equally as prepared?”.

At R.E. Darby you are a person, not a policy number. Your agent and our office staff are your neighbors, and will look after you like a neighbor should, with care, consideration, and understanding of what you are going through each and every time you deal with us.

This is a promise that my Great Grandfather made when he opened R.E. Darby in 1905. It was passed to my Father when he grew our business for over 40 years, and now it is my promise to you.